We know, we are not makings friends showing these labels which you can find on hair dye packages sold in supermarkets, department stores and even in “health shops” and pharmacies.

We have realized that unfortunately some sales persons in health shops and pharmacies do not know that even Herbatint and Tints of Nature Colors carry these warning labels. These products contain less PPD than other brands (e.g. L’Oreal, Garnier), but can still cause serious allergies.

These labels are compulsory for those products if sold in Europe – and in 2011 the EU Commission has changed the requirement:

Until November 2011 the warning label was “these hair colors can cause severe allergic reactions” (check on old packages, if you have). Now it has to say “can cause serious allergies” … which is much different … and much worse: it can not just cause an allergic reaction, but can cause the allergy itself. (54th Amendment of the Ordinance of the European Cosmetic Directive, 13 July 2010)

LOGONA Pure Herbal Hair Colors do not contain any aromatic armine or synthetic colorants.

Thus, LOGONA Hair Colors do not have to carry any warning labels.