LOGONA Pure Herbal Hair Colors differ significantly from chemical dyes.

Put simply, chemical hair dyes remove the hair’s natural pigment and replace it with a synthetic one. As a result, the original hair color can be changed completely. Nevertheless, the natural color pigment also has a stabilising effect, which is why hair that is regularly colored with chemical dyes quickly becomes brittle and dull.

LOGONA Pure Herbal Hair Colors provide extra-gentle coloring since they only penetrate the outer cuticle of the hair and form a protective film around each hair strand. As a result, the hair structure not only remains intact, but the hair is also fortified and is given more volume and shine.

The natural color pigments of your hair shine through the herbal color. The final shade is created through a harmonious fusion between your original color and the herbal tone. 100% natural. 100% individual.

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Color Creams or Color Powders?

LOGONA Herbal Hair Color Powders offer complete flexibility. There are 10 shades to choose from that cover most hair types effectively. Although they require mixing, this allows various colors to be combined to achieve the exact nuance you require, should you not be able to match your hair against one of the ten boxed shades.

You can mix the powders in any combination, for instance the Natural, Brown, Chestnut and Flame Red. With 10 shades to choose from the combinations are endless. In addition, powders can be mixed with coffee or black tea to darken the final color (see section 5). The only drawback to the colors is that once mixed the mixture must be used immediately and cannot be stored. It is not however necessary to mix the entire box as amounts can be portioned off and the mixing ratio with water adjusted accordingly.

OGONA Herbal Hair Color Creams offer smplicity. They can be used right out of the tube! They can be closed after touching up roots and used again later. The creams should not be mixed with other ingredients and be used as supplied. As the creams are mixed by machine, the colors tend to be slightly stronger than the powders and do cover grey quite effectively. We recommend the brown shades for those with a lot of grey (in excess of 30%).

What colors are available and how to achieve the best coverage?

The Pure Herbal Color Powders are available in ten shades and the easy-to-use Color Creams are available in five shades. The shades can be mixed together to create truly gorgeous tones.

LOGONA works by painting itself onto the hair shaft and does not penetrate the hair (commercial dyes penetrate the outer layer of the hair). This results in a very natural look, preventing that “just painted” look of a single solid shade. Grey is notoriously difficult to color and will often need up to three applications to cover effectively (this is also largely influenced by your hair type).

As Logona is completely natural you can apply the color on subsequent days without the risk of damaging your hair. Don’t give up after the first application. If your hair is strong and the grey is pronounced you will need to persist a little, but the end result is well worth it. Almost 99% of customers achieve the results they want, and after the initial application/s a five to six weekly re-application should keep you smiling. To increase the products coloring affectivity we recommend using the Logona Color Plus with your initial application. This increases the hairs ability to bond with the natural dyes. To lock in the color afterwards, try the Color Conditioner from Logona.

Best color choices for grey: If your hair is light brown to dark brown, Auburn or black and you have in excess of 30% grey, we recommend using the Natural Brown, Brown Umber, Nougat Brown or Teak initially. These colors contain almost no Henna (Lawsonia) relying instead on vegetable dyes and will not discolor the grey as the reds will tend to do. Once your hair is used to the product and the grey has been covered, you can then start to move towards darker or redder shades without the concern of bringing out bright red and blue shades in the grey.

For blondes and very light colored grey hair we recommend the Golden Blonde, Sahara and Copper Blonde shades. Remember to always strand test first though.

Adding other ingredients: coffee is a favourite for darkening the powders and black tea leaves. We recommend you obtain loose leaf tea from a health shop, as the bagged variety can contain bleach in the bags and this can affect the coloring result. To add coffee or black tea simply brew an infusion and use this instead of plain water for mixing the powders. We don’t recommend this with the Golden Blonde and Sahara shades.

LOGONA uses only pure plant extracts to offer you a 100% natural product that has been certified by BDIH and NATRUE. There is no Ammonia, Peroxide or PPD in LOGONAs colors. Indigo is used to darken the henna in the black shade. The LOGONA range is unique and is probably the best selling organic range in the world with extensive distribution in almost every corner of the globe.

If you use other brands that claim to be natural or organic, please read the ingredient list carefully. Most brands may contain some organic or natural ingredients, but for the most part, there are still chemicals present. Logona does not rely solely on Henna but also makes use of vegetable based dyes in their hair colors, allowing for much greater flexibility when it comes to covering grey.

Simple answer: yes – it’s pure herbal and does not contain any chemicals.

Yes. A perm makes the hair particularly susceptible to coloring and leaves the hair far more accepting of the color.

In the past, this question has been difficult to answer, due to the different protein structure in grey hair. Often it requires a two step process. As with anything, make sure you do a strand test before applying the color to your hair. If you have over 10% grey, the strand test is a must. The following formulas work best:

Brown Umber + brewed coffee + apple cider vinegar.
Chestnut Brown + brewed coffee + apple cider vinegar.
Natural Brown + Ceylon or Black China Tea + apple cider vinegar.

Of course, you can add up to a half box of black along with your mixture. Anymore would possibly cause a greenish tint to show up. See our recipes on our tip page for more advise.

Yes! There are many reasons to avoid using the harsh chemicals found in many chemical color treatments. LOGONA is a natural alternative to harsh commercial dyes. The sooner you use it, the sooner you’ll notice the natural difference! However, we suggest waiting at least 4 to 6 weeks after you color treat your hair. We also recommend to use the LOGONA Preparation Cream prior to your first application. The commercial dyes have damaged your hair and the preparation cream helps to improve its structure so it can better “take” the pure herbal colors.

Yes. Not all henna’s are alike, but LOGONA not only colors hair, its conditioning properties help bring body, life and vibrancy back to dry or damaged hair. Henna permeates the hair shaft to strengthen and enrich your hair, giving hair a distinctive, natural radiance not found with chemical-based hair colors.

Wear plastic or rubber gloves (which come in kit) to avoid staining your hands.  1) Section hair.  Sections should be about 3 cm thick.  2)  Begin at the scalp and paint on the herbal color with a brush from roots to the ends.  3) Continue until all the hair is thickly coated with the mixture.  4)  Place a cotton or tissue band around the hairline.  Cover the hair with a plastic bag (one comes with the kit) or plastic wrap. LOGONA sets come with a very comprehensive explanation.

No. Do not exceed the recommended coloring time of 1h 30m to a maximum of 2 hours. This will increase the risk of the grey discoloring. We recommend that you re-apply the product within 24 – 72 hours if you are not satisfied with the initial coverage. You may also choose to go to a darker shade if the color on your normal (not grey) hair is not dark enough, but in general we would recommend the second application.

A green cast usually means that there has been an interaction with chemicals or metals. It could also mean that you used the LOGONA Henna Black alone. We instruct that it is to be used in combination with another color because it can do that, especially on grey hair. You will need to apply another henna over it to subdue it.

If you had applied heat, it can cause the red tones to appear. Avoid doing this the next time. If you did the strand test as we suggested, you should not be a flaming redhead right now! You can also add a black tea bag or coffee to the water to darken it or hinder the brassy tones. Remember not to brew your tea or coffee in a metal pan. Some suggest avoiding instant coffee as well, or making the coffee the night before. When it comes to brown or mahogany shades, try using 3 tbs of lemon or vinager in the water to bring out the golden tones or copper highlights. To darken the look, just reapply the color again. Remember, if your using “Color the Gray,” you’ll add these things in the 2nd step.

Logona’s colors are semi-permanent and under ideal circumstances your Logona color last between five to six weeks. This is affected by the shampoo you use, the frequency you use it and various other factors. To ensure your color lasts we recommend a mild organic shampoo from Logona, ideally the Color Care shampoos, and occasional use of the Color conditioner, especially directly after coloring to lock in color.