PETA Award

At VIVANESS, the international trade fair for natural cosmetics held in Nuremberg, the world’s largest animal rights organisation, PETA (the People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals) , distinguished the manufacturer of LOGONA with the Courage in Commerce Award for its exemplary attitude against animal testing.

Last December, the company withdrew all of its brands from the Chinese market. The reason: despite statements made to the contrary, animal testing is required for the registration of cosmetic products in the country.

Coinciding with the trade fair, the manufacturer launched a global initiative against animal testing, which begins with an effective media campaign. Under the motto ‘commitment to life’, it hopes to prompt rethinking in the sector through the provision of targeted information both online and offline. The campaign aims to use a petition to seek constructive dialogue with the Chinese government once again. By submitting the signatures collected for this purpose, more attention will be attracted to the concern until the Chinese animal testing laws are finally eased for national products.

Principles before profit

We really feel honored to have earned recognition from (PETA) in being awarded the Courage in Commerce award. We put principles before profit and do not support testing on animals. We pledge not to re-enter the Chinese market until the requirements for tests on animals are lifted to stay true to our cruelty-free values.