Product quality awards

Consumer Magazines

In the 35 years of existence, we have been proud to receive several distinctions from the Öko-Test and Stiftung Warentest consumer organisations. LOGONA natural cosmetics (facial care, body care, hair care and make-up) have achieved the grade VERY GOOD and GOOD more than 300 times in Öko-Test evaluations.

The practical Color Cream has received numerous prizes, including the BioFach Innovation Award 2005 and Fastest Selling Product of the Year at Vivaness 2008. The Öko consumer test also awarded the Color Creme with the highest result of ‘very good’ (March 2006, shade tested: Indian summer).

EU Commission

Recently, the EU Commission confirms very good quality of Henna in LOGONA Herbal Hair Colors. The safety of Henna as it is used in Herbal Hair Colors was a frequent topic of heated and controversial discussion in the past. For LOGOCOS Naturkosmetik AG, the global market leader for natural hair products, it was a matter of top priority in their customers’ interests to have the absolute safety of this raw material scientifically substantiated. Hence, extensive tests were performed on the materials and the combinations of raw materials used at the company, then on the products themselves, including their instructions for use.

The result: the Henna used by LOGOCOS was again classified as being totally safe. Since all the tests were performed exclusively with material used by LOGOCOS, the results cannot be generalised and transferred to products from other manufacturers of natural herbal hair colors; however, LOGONA customers can continue using their hair colors, knowing that they can feel completely safe in future, too.

Henna from bio-dynamic cultivation

Particularly in the case of henna as an essential component of the product, it is decisive to know from which sources this raw material is obtained. Countries of origin like India, where the work conditions on-site and the possible use of pesticides can neither be properly monitored nor traced, are therefore out of the question for LOGOCOS. Henna, the important raw material for the LOGONA natural hair colors is purchased by LOGOCOS Naturkosmetik AG directly from the Sekem Farm in Egypt – where only biodynamic quality is produced. The Sekem socio-ecological project was founded by Professor Ibrahim Abouleish, the alternative Nobel prize-winner, and stands for a holistic approach which has attracted a lot of attention globally: treating people and nature with respect,

Indigo not used – a conscious decision

LOGOCOS also rejects indigo powder as an isolated dye for black coloring since this powder does not exist in that form in the natural plant. What’s more, the Scientific Committee on Consumer Safety (SCCS) classifies indigo powder as extremely sensitising and recommends that it is not used to dye hair. In contrast to many other producers, LOGOCOS uses the harmless, finely ground leaves of the whole Indigofera Tinctoria plant

Quality with a seal of approval

All LOGONA Herbal Hair Colors are manufactured with plant oils and extracts from sustainable certified organic cultivation, and are vegan and gluten-free. They are manufactured without the use of synthetic colorants, fragrances or preservatives, peroxides, ammonia or any other chemical or dubious substances. All products carry the strict Certified Natural Cosmetics seal of approval, both from NATRUE and BDIH.